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Hurriyat’s Lies

In Kashmir, News, Politics on 2 February, 2009 at 11:28 pm

The Hurriyat Conference has claimed that it is closing district offices, slashing the pay of its employees and laying off employees as a restructuring measure in wake of the recent assembly elections. Mirwaiz has also claimed the global recession to be a cause of its financial cutbacks and layoffs.

The Hurriyat, whose death is inevitable, believes, as do the mainstream politicians, that Kashmiris suffer from short term memory loss. It was in October 2007 that Hurriyat had shut down its district offices because of the financial crunch it had been facing for some time and had planned then to lay off its employees. Recent elections, restructuring and introspection are mere deceptive words being used by an organization which is failing within and outside Kashmir.

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  1. So, if the Hurriyat is fading from the scene and is dying, who according to you is the new leader(s) of the separatists?

    BTW, are ‘Jammu Muslims’ Kashmiris or they speak another language? Hope you will clarify this doubt of mine.

    • That is for all of us to wait and see.

      I think the best people to ask whether ‘Jammu Muslims’ are Kashmiris are ‘Jammu Muslims.’

  2. I thought you would be thorough about your state.

  3. […] hurriyat’s imminent failure […]

  4. Hurriyat leaders should unite they should give one program they should fight like Masood Azhar.

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