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Obama And Kashmir

In Kashmir on 29 January, 2009 at 3:31 pm

So it’s probably safe to say that after the euphoria of their lobbying victory has died down, Indian officials will probably feel Holbrooke’s breath on their neck. Some Indian analysts are already predicting this. C. Raja Mohan writes in the Indian Express that “reworking the India-Pakistan relationship will be an inevitable and important component” of Holbrooke’s plans. “Whether India likes it or not, Washington will devote substantive diplomatic energies towards the subcontinent, and New Delhi will be drawn into this dynamic.” TIME

Kashmir, may have a chance after all!

Lee Hamilton, veteran Democrat leader and vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission, on Kashmir:

“We certainly need to work with Pakistan and India to resolve the Kashmir problem. The United States can’t resolve that, but we can encourage the two parties to address it,” he said, adding that resolving the Kashmir conflict would require tough diplomacy.
Daily Times

Also read David Miliband’s article.

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  1. So you are depending upon Obama to get you Azadi? You might want to know that USA and rest of the world are looking up to India and China to take the world out of recession. He would not jeopardize his re-election chances by talking about Kashmir.

  2. naveen:

    Did you even read the post?! I am not an economist but I can tell that the Indian stock exchanges are doing no good either, I am not sure how exactly India will pull the world out of recession; it surely has failed to pull out a good percentage of its population from poverty.

    Still, I can say not much about your shining India’s economy!

    You actually think that people of India vote for the US President?!

    His talking about Kashmir did not prevent his first election, I am unsure why it would hurt his chances in an re-eletion. If you are hinting at the possibility that Obama will talk about Kashmir > India will get angry > India will not pull the world out of recession > US economy will sink further > US voters will be mad at Obama > Will not re-elect him, then I should say you got some amazing imagination!

  3. Well as you are not an economist you will not understand what I meant. Do you know why Americans hardly mentioned about Kashmir all this time when Bush was around? Well for the same reason Obama too will keep quite. That would suffice for now.

  4. naveen:

    Again, did you read the post? Let me quote from TIME again

    So it’s probably safe to say that after the euphoria of their lobbying victory has died down, Indian officials will probably feel Holbrooke’s breath on their neck.

    This is self explanatory and needs no economist to decipher.

  5. Time mag doesn’t run the foreign affairs of USA nor India. So, don’t lay your hopes on that.

    • naveen:

      Writing or quoting a news-item does not mean I am hooking my entire being on that. This is a blog I write and quoting news that is relevant to Kashmir is a part of my blogging. TIME does not run, but it sure knows what it is talking about, unlike the ToI and HT of India.

  6. I read an article where it said that when Hilary Clinton went to China to ask them to buy US treasury Bills, China kept conditions for bailout of US those were stability in Pakistan, peace in Afghanistan & progress on Kashmir!

    Hope there is progress for the people of Kashmir!

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