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Eggs, Cornflakes And Gyms

In Kashmir on 21 December, 2008 at 1:50 pm

Eggs without yolk, cornflakes and personal gym forms a part of the confined Hurriyat leaders day! Why would I care? Greater Kashmir amazes me!

  1. That the story in question has managed to attract a pretty good number of votes and a great number of views says a different story though. You don`t care, but apparently a lot of other people do. This is what works for Greater Kashmir and this is the way it will be!

  2. And that is the pain of our Kashmir!

  3. Your post seems to highlight one fact, if I decipher it correctly – We don`t know what we want in the first place. We are more interested in what our leaders eat rather than how well they go about their leadership.

    But, honestly, I don`t know why it is a pain. It may not be desirable but then not everything is. Isn`t it? There are flaws with us, no doubt, hundreds and thousands but that is a part of the package.

    This is not about the post but I hate it when people mock their own self. What do they say, “AES KASHIR CHE NA YETHI.” It boils my blood.Why the hell do they not do something about it then???

    We need to face whatever flaws lie with us rather than every time crib about it.

  4. basimamin:

    No, this post is not a reference to what we want because I believe that we know what we want, however hazy our aim might be to others, it is crystal clear to us.

    Having said that, a package with hundreds and thousands of flaws, needs introspection. We fail at that, and that is a pain. If our leaders can even ‘think’ about talking about their morning meals; it is time for us to ‘rethink’ about them.

    If people say ‘Aes Kashir Tche Na Yethi’ (We Kashmiris Are Just Like This), then I would say Bravo! Since it is a step ahead of the oft-repeated ‘Yem Kashir Tche Na Yethi’ (These Kashmiris….)! I see you used ‘they’ for Kashmiris, that is sad.

    If no one cribs about the flaws within us, each one of us might think that he is perfect and that would be dangerous.

  5. When I said ‘they’ I meant the people who always say ‘We Kashmiris are like this.’ I don`t see any glory in repeating this cliche time and again. It is just an escapist`s way of shying away from the fact. Again ‘they’ think their duties end by repeating the obvious but as you said we need introspection not a glib crib.

  6. basimamin:

    When one lives the way we in Kashmir do, sometimes it is the cliche’ that gets us moving to the next day. Cliche’ aside, we saw a show of the peoples resolve during the recent protests and we would not have seen it if all we believed in was empty words. We need introspection, as does every nation, but we also need ‘leaders,’ are you up for it?

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