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Kashmir Has Oil!

In Development, Kashmir on 23 October, 2008 at 8:02 pm

So it is the Oil…

An Italian delegation led by Jonathan Craig, vice president of Exploration Opportunities Division of one of the largest international oil companies, Eni Milan, is in IHK to explore the prospects of hydrocarbons in the state.

Craig, who has made several field visits to IHK earlier, believes that the Karewa formation of Kashmir — spread northwest of the Himalaya, from Pirpanchal range in Kashmir to Zanskar region in Ladakh — has characteristics similar to the rocks of hydrocarbon in Oman, North Africa and Pakistan. Daily Times

It is said, a saying which has almost taken the shape of a folk-lore, that a long time ago a French (or was it German?) company once offered India to construct the National Highway from Jammu to Srinagar, making it motorable all through the year and shortening the distance greatly at an impossible amazing low cost, there only pre-condition was that whatever their spades and hammers strike on will be theirs for good. India never agreed.

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  1. “believes” or knows? Is it just guesswork? Kashmir was obviously famous for its sapphires but I don’t know if we still have them, but oil I never knew about.

  2. navcity

    Yes, we do still have Sapphires, there was an auction in Jammu recently.

    Even if Oil has been discovered in Kashmir, I do not think that the government would come out with such information, that would further complicate the already complex issue of Kashmir, but an energy power house, we already are, as India, Pakistan and China’s electricity energy demands increase, Kashmir is there to help them all. The third world war indeed would be for water and India and Pakistan already seem to be fighting it.

  3. We have “burning gas”, beneath Sonawari earth , there are some established gas –wells at Hajan and I have observed one at Hajin, Kh. Muhammad Sultan, a retired ZEO at Mir- Mohalla Hajan , when he called her daughter and she on our request disjointed the pipe coming out of the well and reaching their kitchen . She lit a match stick near the outlet of the pipe and it burnt into a flame, up to four minutes we watched it, we (I and my friends) asked some questions to the duo, they revealed that they had purchased this house 9 years back and the then owner of the house had dug the well 8 years back, i,e; the age of the well was 17 years now, the duo revealed that they use to warm water and make tea in their leisure, because it takes comparatively more time to warm anything as this gas has low pressure. I developed keen interest in knowing much more about this ‘burning gas’. Two years back 4 persons had died there in a well following the drowning of a kid (goat) , all the four persons did not die of drowning but due to the poisonous gas present in the well that did not allow them to swim to surface/safety. These people had jumped into the well one after another in rescue to the earlier jumper. This author was on an invitational trip at our friend Hamid Hajni’s domicile, the neighbours present there informed us that on that very day they had just filled back the well, they had dug for water purposes infront of the mosque, as it had caught fire . We asked the villagers that whether they had approached any authorities regarding this mysterious gas, they replied that some team had visited the area but later on nothing outstanding was done to explore any avenues in doing any survey cum research .

    We later approached state’s Geology and Mining Deptartment and met there some geologists also, but they could not satisfy us, some of the insiders of the department told that they had referred the case to ONGCI (Oil and Natural Gas Commission of India) and were waiting for reply, while as some geologists told us that the said gas is the methane gas and is existing only in the upper crust of earth , in short, the deptartment could not satisfy us, instead, gave vague and shilly-shallying replies.

    Even if this gas is methane-gas, what then, still it is a burning gas or it could be a mixture of various gases. Poison too has its own value and can be exploited for the betterment of mankind, if this gas has low pressure, couldn’t it be mechanically dealt in order to increase its pressure as required ? In Mir Mohalla, Hajnis(household) have been using this gas for last seventeen years that too from the same well and the geologists say that it is present only in earth’s upper crust …..!!! Now eighteen years have passed but the report is yet to come from ONGCI…! Is anybody listening?

  4. Indian army destroying our natural Sources. We can’t don anything.
    Hey world…Please help!

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