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The Baggage Of Kashmir

In Kashmir, Politics on 19 October, 2008 at 8:26 pm

For almost six decades Pakistan has been carrying the baggage of Kashmir, unable to resolve it. Musharraf was Kashmir’s best bet, his efforts now rest in history. Unable to bear the baggage of Kashmir anymore, Pakistan through a well thought of policy is throwing off the same. While as it might have been an over-sight and not much credence should be given to news items such as these

“Federal Information Minister Sherry Rehman was thrilled over the fact that everybody was convinced with her presentation highlighting the government’s policy during the in-camera session of the Parliament,” a participant told The News. He said that some PML-N members protested saying one of the maps used in the briefing showed Occupied Kashmir as part of India. The PML-N raised a lot of hue and cry over it. However, a federal cabinet member told The News that three maps were shown during her presentation and that two maps very clearly showed Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) as disputed territory but one map shown in the briefing was blurred which misled the PML-N members.
The News

…however, it does though show Pakistan’s efforts at gentle shifts in its Kashmir Policy and it also shows that it is testing its domestic waters at the same time. When Zardari termed the Kashmiri Militants as Terrorists; there was the usual expected opposition from the politicians, however the people of Pakistan seemed to take it in stride, to some extent it could be because of being bogged down by the back-breaking inflation, but more so because the people of Pakistan, the younger generations, no longer see Kashmir as their problem with the same lens they did in the past. This shift will in itself shall help Kashmir’s cause more than their support, since India would no longer be able to label the Kashmir Struggle as Cross Border Terrorism. And also so because the younger generations of Kashmir do not identify themselves as easily and sympathetically with Pakistan as the older generations did. To the young people of Kashmir, Pakistan is as far off as say Saudi Arab. One would make a mistake though if one were to say their desire for freedom is that far, it is closer than ever before.


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  1. Its traitors like you who should be targetted targeted by the government. I think what Pakistan is doing is great as that time is not far when people like you would have to search for some real work apart from rousing the Kashmiri population into a jingoistic frenzy. What is the reason of your so called freedom struggle you birdbrain?

    You are writing a damned fancy blogpost from the confine of your house and your pals are selling Kashmiri ware in Goa when its snowing out there. Where the hell will you go after separating…..who runs your damned economy- subsidies from India which you don’t even pay back, Euro-US grants and foundations whom Islamic fundamentalists are bombing for a good reason (at least they knoe now knoe know that you guys just don’t know the voice of logic/treason). This is not a freedom struggle for you, especially, its a mode of employment. History has a way of letting parasites like you vanishing in the fold of public once people know that it really doesn’t matter to you who is killed in Kashmir.

    You know where its going, with you fractious Hurriyat with a dying renegade member each year its going to be back to good times soon. just like the way it was before 1988, or else its going to be our weapons training ground for scumbags like you.

  2. […] will be interesting to see how Pakistan will re-jump the Kashmir wagon now, having almost gotten rid of […]

  3. Well said sphellbound; these buggers sell their wares in India; earn money from Indian tourists; scores of them study in B’lore, Jamia, Aligarh on Indian subsidy; and here’s this guy lamenting about India. Oh my god, now they are be brutalized – what about the hindus they killed. They are reaping what they sowed years ago. They thought that they’d kill minorities and push India out through violence. Now, the hunter has become the hunted. Serves you buggers all right.

  4. K: To be sure, younger generation of Indians also do not have as much emotional investment in Kashmir as previous ones. Sometime back there was a panel discussion organized by Political Science department of Delhi University on problems facing India and almost everyone agreed that Kashmir issue is a serious embarrassment to India’s international aspirations. Most of the folks were fine with an independent Kashmir as long as Kashmir does not end up as an Islamic fundamentalist state that could be future potential security threat to India.

  5. Speaking as a young Pakistani, I’m appalled at your views about us. We are DEEPLY concerned about our Kashmiri brethern and all that they are going through. No matter what is happening in our country, we will never ever care less for you.You are a part of us and will always be. I’m just shocked that our sincerity is being questioned.

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