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UN, We Are Not Indian

In Human Rights, India, Innocent Killings, Kashmir on 11 October, 2008 at 12:33 am

A message for the world, all Kashmiris already know this:


Rhetoric, notwithstanding.

Two more fall prey to the bullets of India’s Army, as India’s Prime Minsiter visits the occupied state of Kashmir.



Rail Mubarak, a new greeting in Kashmir, wonder whether we will soon have a railway public holiday!

eid mubarak

And someone, somewhere was shown his rightful place.

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  1. It don’t really surprise me that Kashmiri Muslims who talk about human rights it is really myth nothing else people who don’t work have enough time for this gimmick story. First wash your cloths with blood spots of Kashmiri Pandits then talk about human rights. Even Pakistan know now they are in deep trouble who have been trapped by Indian policies which later you will come to know the results. Also your struggle has turned into in new equation which never expected as Kiyani is not in favor of this terrorism and he has kicked off his ISI chief. Also Bad news Kashmiri Muslims.

  2. KP
    Our clothes are not stained with the blood of Kashmiri Pandits, the government of India’s are. And it is this same government that has let-free Bitta Karate, one of the alleged killers of Kashmiri Pandits. You might want to ask the government why he was freed? Perhaps a lot of those answers you are seeking from us, need to be asked elsewhere.

    Pakistan’s withdrawal of support is good news for Kashmiris, since then we can fight on our own and we already showed how. India can then no longer label our struggle as Pakistani Cross Border Terrorism.

    Lastly, if it is people without work who write and blog, then I should say the KP community seems to be out of work too, like me.

  3. You can never be Indians. Nobody has stopped you from going to your loser brothers in Pakistan.

    You guys are terrorists and are army will keep whipping you till you change or leave our country!

  4. It will be for time to tell who leaves Kashmir eventually. The occupiers or the inhabitants.

  5. The post so scornfully put in by you looks to be the paper celebrating the first rail link established in Kashmir, which I am sure you will use on numerous occasions. You will go and meet your near and dear ones, use it as general transportation during inclement weather, transport these belligerent documents, even plans to blow the link away. What an irony for the Indian state, the very people for whom they build resources are hell bent on its destruction. Not that you guys don’t wanna use it, you want to make full use of it without working for it. The people holding banners in the picture that you have posted above, with his flowing beard symbolizing the decadent US propelled mujahid struggle is an employee of this struggle not a spearhead. No one in the world has time for people like you who during the heydays of Kashmir would sell it as Heaven on Earth and now in days of its trobles and trbulations would sell it off to pakistan for all you care.

    Its an irony for us and a neverending calamity for you.

  6. Who’s asking you if you are Indians or Pakistanis anyway? People like you who pretend to represent the interests of all Kashmiris are just the bunch of out of work losers who prefer bombing cities and killing people over doing anything constructive or productive.

  7. the comment is appropriately given by KP. I am also not an Indian nor have a love for it but when I visited Kashmir last year as a tourist I found that people of Kashmir are really lazy and want to raise slogan every now and then for some thing useless and unwanted fro better use your energy in local development and upbringing of the society there. Giving a reply on(c)e in blue moon doesn’t change the trate trait.

  8. Kashmiris have never been Indian. There is nothing new to it, everyone knows even the Indians themselves but they can not let Kashmir go to Pakistan, a worst country to live in and it will not be good for Kashmiris also to be part of Pakistan. The better way is to grow with India and live it not as an occupied place but a partner in development.

  9. We will be glad if you [word removed] accept that you are not an Indian and get lost from our territory!

  10. I happened to chance upon this site, while searching for a long lost friend from Kashmir. I am a KP who lived in Kashmir for 18 years till 1990. I have never believed in wasting my time in writing about this stuff, but…

    Our family had to leave in the middle of the night (constant threats etc… a Muslim neighbour actually came over and advised us to leave with the reassurance that as soon as Kashmir becomes part of Pakistan, we could come back for a visit on a visa), at the back of a truck, with a few other families, with some valuables, that could be carried. We were stopped en route, somewhere near Kazigund and asked to drop all the valuables, since these were “kashmiri properties” and we had no right to take them out.

    Later on we learnt that our house, which my parents had constructed over a period of 12 years (lack of finances), was ransacked and burnt down. The house represented a major part of my parents saving and my father never really recovered from the shock, dying a few months afterwards.

    The question is why did all this had to happen. In my 18 years in kashmir, I did not ever see Muslims in particular, being exploited. On the contrary, the wealthy elite of Kashmir is overwhelmingly Muslim. Most of the government departments and other organs of state were predominantly Muslim. After all, KPs only constituted about 5% of the population. One could argue that it wasn’t the KPs, but the Indian army that was exploiting. The question is, in what manner. Before 1990, the army was confined to the barracks. I never came across a case of atrocity on a mass scale, as alleged. Then why?

    The answer, to me, and I speak from substantial experience – having lived in Muslim dominated areas (even after 1990) is RELIGION. All other reasons are just a cloak to hide the fact that Islam does not permit co-existence with other religions, unless the Muslims are in dominance, in which case all laws, and other factors affecting ordinary, day to day life are subjugated to Islamic law.

    I have tried not to dwell on the tragedies that befell my family, but have strived to improve my life so that my children live in a better place. What is the point if generations after generations are wasted on a conflict, which nobody really understands. So what if my house was burnt and we were looted. If I remain rooted to the past and wish for revenge, me, my children and their children will never know peace.

    And before you guys call my attitude cowardice, let me repeat a line which I read somewhere ‘courage is not the lack of fear, but the knowledge that some things are more important than fear’. Similarly, I believe that turning your face away from conflict is not cowardice, but the knowledge that there are things more important than conflict (or outcome thereof).

  11. Hi JCH,

    Read your comments. I feel there is very thin line between your comments and reality. I agree KP’s had to flee this place due to either fear or correlated provocations from opportunists amongst locals and government agencies. I hope you would agree there was a state of vacuum in dealing the issue in terms of alienation, indigenous nature or communal ethnicity.

    Like you have said that from your substantial experience you stated that “ISLAM does not permit co-existence with other religions, unless the Muslims are in dominance, in which case all laws, and other factors affecting ordinary, day to day life are subjugated to Islamic law”. I have one regret in your opinion which is you have been very mean in relating a socio-politico issue with religion. If you have ever come across through the Islamic literature or at least gone through the basics, this comment of yours would not have come. It seems you lack of knowledge of other religions and faiths. Nowhere in Islam is mentioned that you can force or mutilate other religion or the sentiments of their followers, a legacy proven by sufis, rishis and munis from time to time. The place you belong was also a “rishiwaar”. You might be having know-how about the number of sufi saints who have been to kashmir and their preachings was it terrorism, was it communal hatred!! They preached humanity, love and above all the path to oneness through their teachings by living examples. These people were just like us but with the clear vision of religion believing in righteousness and justice.

    I don’t understand if you are raising fingers at Islam what have you been knowing about this religion? I think you are preaching your religion being better and doing the same enticing lectures as others do to provoke religious sentiments amongst the common poor people who have limited access to real world.

    As far as KP’s are concerned when they left the valley i was around 14 years old enough sensible to see what is happening. Most of my friends, neighbours and teachers were KP’s. They fled to save their lives, their children leaving those community partners behind who have maintained the harmony since ages with them. They could have stayed. I am providing my experience as evidence as one of our family friends(KP) came over and said he is leaving tonight towards Jammu along with family. My family members argued with them why they are leaving, answer was rather political as always had been with KP’s(Dual minded)the authorities have given advisory against staying back though they denied any harrasment (which was not a case also)from locals.

    Right after this incident my school principal who was KP met me and just hugged me near Hazratbal shrine and cried like a baby saying she will miss all of us but she has no option but to go away. Those memory still aches my heart. Who is to be blamed you, me or the system…?

    Anyway I wanted to sum up my thoughts on this whole issue as below:

    Religion is designed by GOD as a process to bring Peace and Harmony in society, not being fanatic enough to disturb the socio-ecosystem. If religion would have been all about fighting for supremacy then whole of the world would have been conquered by either Hindus or Muslims or Christians or any one else. The multi religion model of world shows harmony and stability generated by subscribing to religions of choice. Religion is actually a path followed by a believer aiming to reach almighty God, seek his blessings, do the right to others, and get the peace of Mind from their own religious lines. When religion becomes the toss in hands of opportunists amongst us, it is nothing but an indication that society is headless and leading to another catastrophe at the hands of petty criminals of society who only work for their interests and nothing else. But Alas we have always fallen prey to these carnivores of our chain.

    Sorry for being harsh at some points but going through most of the posts here I thought of writing something concrete with no hidden agenda.

  12. Interesting Ishtiyaq. You seem to be speaking with a voice of reason and yet you say that the KPs could have stayed!!!! For a week or so, before we had to leave, the nearby mosque loud speakers blasted sounds of a huge mob shouting very inflamatory slogans(We did not know for the first two days that the sounds were from a loudspeaker, and thought that a mob is coming to attack us). You could argue that we could have had more faith in our muslim bretheren and stayed on. But when you have young girls in the house, you don’t take any chances. I mean can you quantify the acceptable percentage of risk of having your sister/daughter/wife raped. And please do not throw statistics at me as to the number of rapes actually carried out. As I said, it is not a risk that you willingly take. Our house, which was built by my parents over a long period of time, was burnt down. This house was viewed by my parents as a place where they could spend their old age in dignity. And you say that we left willingly??????

    As for religion, actually it is something that has been created by man to feel more secure in the hostile environment that he found himself in. It is not a co-incidence that all ancient religions, all over the world, started with worship to natural elements and then developed to something else. Unfortunately, religion, over time, has turned into one of the main reasons for strife and untold atrocities have been committed in its name. It has been one of the main reasons of exploitation throughout the world. And don’t throw the scriptures at me, in terms of how all religions teach harmony and love. Show me the results. However, it is not an argument that many muslims can understand. In that sense the ability to think outside the box is somewhat lacking in the wider muslim world.

    However, I appreciate your comments as coming from somebody who is willing to argue reasonably, but, in my opinion, needs to wake up and look at the world anew, without the burden of the prejudices that our socities are plagued with – the chief one being religion.

    Regards and hope we meet sometime in the ideal world where all religions lead to peaceful existance.

  13. JCH….as a late follow up to the comment string on this blog I stumbled upon the entries made by you and also Ishtiyaq. You have summed up the plight (I almost take it as a blessing in painful disguise) of KP’s in Kashmir.It makes me both hurt and sad as why we couldn’t have stayed back, just like Jews did in Israel and point a mocking finger at those Muslims who only listen to the diatribe of ranting clerics in mosques. But then I look at all my cousins and brethren and peers (I myself am a KP who never stayed in Kashmir as my father was in BRO) and see the span and spectrum they have or are covering in all fields…academics, arts, science, commerce and what not.

    Meanwhile, what is the diaspora in Kashmir and immediate vicinity been up to?

    Banning pictures, public flogging, vengeful killings under the name of sharia.Kashmir has got a looming lesson in front of it in form of activities taking place in Swat… this what our fellows (or as they choose not to call us)in Kashmir want?
    Is this the Kingdom that they envision?

    KP’s had the hand of God above them when they made the exodus from the valley, not much blood was split (but Mr. Ishtiyaq I hope that I don’t have to wait for the day when local mosques would be threatening you people and leaflets are being dropped all over for your exodus)apart from the very real threat inflicted upon them. The Muslim brethren laughing at KP’s for their cowardice during those tumultuous 90’s are now the same people who are caught between the anvil and the hammer….ironically of their own making.It is impossible to merge with Pakistan and even Kashmiri’s know that its not an option that they would exercise. The dream of running an independent Kashmir and calling it fancifully The Islamic Emirate of Kashmir and blah blah blah is never going to happen. Look at those poor Afghani people who’s victory by waging Jihad is the most well chronicled Islamic battle against what it terms infidels (makes me laugh, with US weapons and support). look at them and tell me that what is left of them as a ragtag group of armed militia showing off weapons and rpg’s from soviet era.

    If the voice of intellect does not sound loud enough in Kashmir it will become a wasteland for people like you…..the would be protectors and brothers to KP who would have stayed back (are you kidding!!).

    I am still waiting for a comment by the bloody moronic, fanatic and lunatic blog owner…where the hell is your voice you dime headed neanderthal…can’t you see the argument summing up here???

  14. We are not Indian ?? Who ?? THe Sunni Muslim fanatics from the four or five districts in the Valley ?

    Dont shout this even in Jammu – a part pof your state. You will be just thrashed.

    See what happened to Mirwaiz when he came to the mainland preaching his hate…

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