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The End Of Hurriyat

In Human Rights, India, Kashmir, People, Politics on 5 October, 2008 at 1:39 pm

Indefinite curfew has been imposed in Kashmir today; this follows the imposition of section 144 yesterday. Yasin Malik has been arrested, while as Geelani was hospitalised. Authorities claim that UPSC roll number slips and Air Tickets will be considered as Curfew Passes, though such consideration was not shown the last time when even a pregnant women on way to the hospital was beaten ruthlessly by India’s Army. A local cable channel has again been banned.

The Hurriyat is failing the people, they have sold-out, and their acts (what made them believe that the government would not impose the curfew?) if seen in a critical manner would lead to one conclusion: that the Hurriyat is exhausting the spirit of the people so that the struggle falls back to its own slow pace, which comforts all but the common Kashmiri people. Last time when the rally was planned; people were hopeful, supportive and full of energy; today they are upset, dismayed and undermined in spirit. This October may not see the withdrawal of the Army from Kashmir; however it might see the end of Hurriyat and the emergence of a new leadership. The Hurriyat may have proved their importance to India and Pakistan, but they are definitely going to fall in front of the people. Emotional fools we may be, but idiots we are not.

Tomorrow may decide a lot of things for Kashmir, I just hope tomorrow does not see the end of more innocent lives. Hurriyat, against my better judgement, may prevail and win their battle, and we the people, will have to continue fighting ourbattle.

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  1. […] however the effect it will have (and is supposed to cause) will not reverse. I just blogged about The End Of Hurriyat, and it appears to be a lot more truer and closer than I imagined; perhaps pulling out of support […]

  2. Juuriyat is not everything…Hurriyat only came into existence in 1993. Before that there were people who were leading the struggle and there will always be someone who lead us. Leaderships do change but Resistance never changes. And let us all be clear that Pakistan has always been a friend and will always be one. Zardaris and Musharafs come and go people of Pak will always support us.

    And In GOD We Put Our Trust.

  3. Very True..What is Hurriyat? Young generation will never ever accept the Indian occupation. Kashmiris should not be disappointed neither by the latest weaponry of Indian forces or disgusting comments by Zardari. We are believers and trust in Allah. Insha Allah, Kashmiris will attain freedom from India. (Ameen)

  4. Would there be the end of hatred?
    Would there be the end of killing innocent people?
    Would there be the end of violence?

    Does anyone have the answer for the above questions?

    khuda k naam se,khelo naa
    khuda k liyey,khuda k liyey
    khuda mera bhi hai,jeelo naa
    khuda k liyey,khuda k liyey
    khuda tu azeem hai,raheem bhi kareem bhi
    main kaisey maan loon,k bascha paar hai
    khuda ko saan hai,samjho naa
    khuda k liyey,khuda k liyey
    khuda tu haseen hai
    jameel bhi mateen bhi
    yeh dil nahin manta,k bas kahaar hai
    khuda rehmaan hai,maano naa
    khuda k liyey,khuda k liyey
    khuda k naam se,khelo naa
    khuda k liyey,khuda k liyey
    khuda mera bhi hai,jeelo naa
    khuda k liyey,khuda k liyey

  5. […] Hurriyat, whose death is inevitable, believes, as do the mainstream politicians, that Kashmiris suffer from short term memory loss. It […]

  6. […] hurriyat’s imminent failure […]

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