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Rebirth Of Kashmir

In Kashmir, Politics on 9 September, 2008 at 7:12 pm

The Rebirth Of Kashmir is a beautiful post by David Lepeska, an American journalist who has done a stint of reporting in Kashmir.

This post of his captures and does justice to the emotions of Kashmiris apart from being a decent analytical view on the present situation in Kashmir -and he is honest to Kashmir, since having stayed and interacted with the people of Kashmir he knows the ground reality – unlike the desktop Indian journalists who, often never having visted Kashmir, write what they feel and think, not what the truth is.

The police and Indian army troops, armed to the teeth and out in force earlier in the day, have melted away. How do you attack someone laughing and dancing joyously as he denounces you and your country?

Yes, many protesters are vehemently denouncing their oppressor, India, and celebrating Pakistan and Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba. But these are less acts of allegiance, more expressions of Kashmiri unity, as separatist and Muslim.

So while Kashmir remained beautiful the shadows of the past and a lingering threat darkened the days.

No longer. The floodgates have opened and Kashmiris are releasing two decades of pain, anger, fear, frustration and loss – the pent-up emotions of the conflict generation. It is not a revolution as much as an evolution. We are witnessing the rebirth of Kashmir. For now, the insurgency is over, giving way to a broad-based non-violent movement for azadi.

And for my money, this is how freedom arrives. Not from the barrel in a gun. Not with a knock at your door in the dead of night. But from a seething, jeering, bopping mass of one.

All Over The Place

David Lepeska had also written about Kashmiri Bloggers for The Kashmir Observer. His blog has some other interesting posts and pictures on Kashmir also.

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  1. Who talks about Indians feeding Kashmiri’s ! So Should Support India?
    Open Azad Kashmir to Kashmir transport services and then talk about Feeding. Kashmir is one of the main markets and the FMCG business is at the top . And also the small retail chains make a lot of profits for india.Blocking all the ways for kashmir and making their own business, this indian govt not only cheats kashmiris but the whole humanity.

    The indian media is itself a shame and their diplomatic disguises tricks us all. The Ongoing Freedom Protests are put as Amarnath Land row controversy….why do these indians behave as deaf?

    Electricity is mostly sent to Jammu, Himachal, Punjab and so on.But Kashmir where its produced always waits for sunlight.
    People in villages grow their own crops, vegetables, fruits, wheat, rice and all feed themselves. Urban people do business and earn money using their business skills. People work in organisations, sweat 30 days, and get their earnings to run families. People work hard and get money for their work. It’s like work hard and live. People get paid for their work not for being Indian, American, Pakistani or Thai. Let me put it this way all you freaks:

    Does a beggar get paid by India? He or She also belongs to India. Why? Because they don’t work hard. So you Indians stop [deleted] by saying that you feed Kashmiris…its their hard work what they get earnings for…..not that Indian government feeds them free….Have you people ever wondered how much India gets from Kashmir? Hell lot of everything! Tourism, agriculture, fruits, electricity, fame, beauty, heaven, praise, paradise, hygiene, beautiful map, business!

    Oh Boy! Shameless indian Imperialists! Kashmir will survive of its own… just let them free!

    Together we roar!

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